Welcome to my Personal Journey

Written from the Heart for the Soul.

From the 9 – 5 to Reiki Healer – from education to enlightenment – from pressure and stress to peace and personal transformation.

Motivational Guru? Me? Anything but!

“Oh no! Not another motivational guru telling me how amazing my life will be if I just sign up and follow his or her revolutionary method!
Just what the world needs!”
Well, actually no, not really. 
If you’re looking for a get-rich-quick method or how to own the biggest house amongst your friends then, unlike Lionel Richie, it’s probably not me you’re looking for….
However…if you are looking for something more, something uplifting, something that can be deeply moving, even spiritual (but not religious!), then maybe you’ve come to the right place. 
  • If you want truth it is here for the taking.
  • If you want inner peace it is here for you.
  • If you want to live a fulfilled life of joy, peace, health and happiness it is here for you, with or without the big house or flashy car. 
Welcome to my World!
I am just like you – not that I think everyone else is a fruitcake but I am just like you.
I lived the 9-to-5 treadmill for 30 years, believing that was how life was meant to be. Eventually, I gave up the status, the big salary and the flash car and my life transformed into something magical.
Believe me, You can do the same.
Want to know more? My first book “The Spiritual Fruitcake” is available from Amazon in Kindle or paperback version. 
The book’s title is just one of many things I have been called in recent years! 
It tells the story of my awakening and outlines a outlines a totally honest insight into some of the things I have since experienced.
There are helpful suggestions at the end of each chapter for you to try in your own life. Suggestions that I hope for you, will bring you the same peace, health and happiness my journey achieved for me.
Some people, perhaps you included, will be sceptical or even completely dismissive. That’s okay. We are all on our own journeys. Take what works for you from the book and discard the rest. I hope you will discover your own personal journey to awareness and awakening. 
So all I ask is that you choose your own path and if that path includes The Spiritual FruitCake suggestions, I hope you discover your personal journey to awareness and awakening.
If you like music, I am also a singer / songwriter with the band “The Acoustic Rainbow”
The Acoustic Rainbow
My songs are filled with healing and inspiring lyrics – detailed on the website, and of course, we have 2 cds (“The Acoustic Rainbow” and “New Life”) available to download from all the usual outlets. 
I am also a Reiki healer and run “Sparkle Reiki”, a Midlands-based healing service offering hands-on help with physical and emotional issues, as well as spiritual mentoring and past life regression.
I believe that anyone can be helped and the multitude of positive results and feedback is testament to the impact on my family, friends and clients.
Many examples are included in the first book.
So, if any of this sounds interesting, take the next step and sign up for my special offer mentoring programme…only kidding! 
I hope you find something that resonates with you.
I invite you to read the book, start your own journey and join me.
Peace, Health & Happiness.

Spiritual Mentoring

People come to me for help with all kinds of issues, some physical, some emotional.

By explaining to them how life really works, I help people from all walks of life, guiding them on their personal journey.

I have never received a single complaint!


There is no better way to express my thoughts and feelings than through music.

Music is my passion and as a songwriter, the most powerful medium to deliver my lyrics – words from the Heart for the Soul!  


I Write.

The Spiritual Fruitcake, my personal journey, is my first step into the world of books.

I hope I can offer you help and guidance  towards your path and I guarantee – no intangible promises of wealth and success! 

Need help or advice?

I provide hands-on healing, helping those who want to be helped. 

And I am always there for those in need

The Spiritual Fruitcake

No, surprise, surprise – I am not selling courses but yes I have written my First & Second and Third books.

Inspired by my life’s events, my personal journey and most importantly my music, The Spiritual Fruitcake series draws on my lyrics and real events and experiences.

The Spiritual Fruitcake
Like many people I know, I started my “project” with Keith and I viewed his experiences with a great deal of pessimism. I listened to him, I read the first, second, third and all the numerous drafts and edits. Keith finally finished The Spiritual Fruitcake and I set to work preparing the eBook and promotional plan. 
This whole process opened my eyes and as a result, my own personal journey has begun. Indeed, during our conversations, Keith listened to my experiences and I believe I have my own chapter in Book 2! 
This is a great read. 
Remove any negative barriers, open your eyes, read the book and if you only take one small “lesson” that improves you or your life – Keith and The Spiritual Fruitcake will have succeeded.
Electricity for Cavemen

The launch of Keith’s second book, Electricity for Cavemen, was without doubt worth the wait. 

Picking up from the theme of book 1, The Spiritual Fruitcake, the content stands on it’s own merit with a wide range of chapter topics all from Keith’s own experiences and insight.

The mix of spiritual concepts with music and lyric references offers an entertaining and thought-provoking journey. The reader needs to put any pre-conceived beliefs and ideas to one-side and join Keith’s journey with open eyes and a willingness to learn and discover their own potential.

A well written book recommended for all. Congratulations Keith and already looking forward to book 3!

Sally Roscow – Stafford

The Spiritual Fruitcake Books Series! I have elected to remove my first books from Amazon until 2021 revisions bring the content up-to-date AND I am working on my next publication! Watch this space!