The Spiritual Fruitcake

Singer / songwriter, Doctor of Philosophy, Reiki Master, Healer, Husband to long-suffering Caroline, Father, Grand Father, ex- 9 to 5 slave and now 60 years young living a life of happiness, peace and health in the West Midlands UK! 

Keith Forrest is a first-time author whose personal journey to reveal his true self can only be described as eye-opening, exciting, amazing and inspiring. 

From a “normal” job to inner peace and the ability to share, educate and aid those in need, Keith writes from the heart and as his description of his own songs puts it so perfectly; From the Heart for the Soul.

Keith Forrest Author SongwriterKeith is the driving force and Guitarist / Singer / Songwriter for and all the band songs offer the theme, words and message that you can be more, be better, do better and achieve better, but it is up to you to start your own journey.

Keith’s own journey started from a dark place, a common trait often displayed by his peers, but his moment of enlightenment and his present-day sense of positivity, healing support and understanding is a true lesson for all.

This first book from Keith, although a personal journey record, will also serve as a guide for you. If you want to begin your own journey and discover who you really are or can be, Keith’s story will without doubt help to influence or motivate you to Health, Peace and Happiness.

The title ‘The Spiritual Fruitcake” is a tongue-in -cheek testament to Keith’s arrival at his present state of happiness and life with an open mind and smile on his face.

Keith is not a medium and does not describe himself as a spiritualist and often jokes that his only claim to spirituality is that his Aunt was a medium – it said so on the label in her knickers!     

Musician Keith Forrest brings us on the magical, powerful journey of his own spiritual awakening. Written in an easy-going unpretentious style, he provides great insight into steps we can take to enhance and improve our own lives. His story will give your goosebumps at times, and make you laugh and cry at others and in the end, you will want to bring spirituality into your own life. I will definitely recommend the book to all my friends and readers. A must read for anyone on the path to awakening.
The Spiritual Fruitcake