The Spiritual Fruitcake
Fruitcake  – – – is ‘a sit down and make yourself comfortable’ guide to everyday life, from gifted singer songwriter, Keith Forrest. 
Ten years ago, during an annual Beatles Convention in Liverpool, Keith’s own fairly ordinary life was changed irrevocably by a curious mystical experience. As a result, he gave up a stressful job and affluent lifestyle and became a healer. He has, ever since, enjoyed a simpler way of life, and is dedicated to helping others, and guiding them towards a happier, healthier future. 
This excellent little book provokes important questions about the nature of our existence on Earth, and offers insights and practical advice for finding peace, purpose and happiness in our own lives 
From Moyra Irving author of “Take me to the Mountain”.”Discovering the you that never dies” and “Fiery Love”. A daily companion for challenging times”.

Helping you take the first step to a positive life.

The Spiritual Fruitcake

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This book is highly recommended!

It’s first and foremost a very digestible and often humorous series of suggestions as to how you could reconsider your life and place in society. It is based squarely on the author’s personal experiences and is a thoroughly honest and insightful work.

The 18 chapters are all quite brief and fast moving – often tied together with an engaging musical thread!  

Whilst there are some parts which I’m sure we can all relate to – consumerism and conventional medicine, to name but 2, there are other sections which are more challenging – such as reincarnation.

Above all, the book is always thought provoking and, in a world increasingly crowded with all manner of distractions this book may well help to blow away a few cobwebs and provide some useful pointers for life.

The tone is thoroughly upbeat and there’s great advice to approach every day positively – no matter what life throws at you!

It’s not a long book but is packed with ideas and insight – and plenty of opportunities to ‘try this at home’! 

Often challenging but refreshingly honest and brimming with food for thought!

Rob Wheat – January 2019


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In line with the original title for The Spiritual Fruitcake, this book will be perfectly clear to many people, but to the rest, it may seem incredible and bizarre.

Such doubters are entitled to their view, but they are missing out on a wonderful aspect of the world during their existence – (almost said life there…)

To be brutally honest, if I had read it 2 years ago, this book would have made little sense to me, but that was before I became familiar with the world of dowsing. Dowsing connects the human mind and body to energies that the conventional senses do not pick up. Dowsing can locate cables and watercourses that are out of sight and undetectable to conventional human senses. The results can be verified by digging to reveal these hidden items. In other words, dowsing works!

I believe that both dowsing and crystal based healing, as practised by Keith, allow the mind and body to tap in to positive energies that we block out in most day-to-day activities.

Keith explains how this works and invites you to see it working for yourself!

Keith describes how the positive energies at work in the world can be used for healing. It also goes beyond healing…these energies can also connect people to ‘spiritual’ matters. Most religions in the world have a spiritual element, which can be called upon to help and guide. Most people don’t seek or ask for such help, but maybe they should try it and see for themselves? The book explains how to go about this!

Keith writes in a very open and honest way. He also writes with humour, wisdom, passion, compassion and experience. I have known Keith for 55 years and was also present in Liverpool, when he saw the power of energy and healing for the first time.

It was both dramatic and frightening.

I will admit that I thought he had gone through a breakdown at the time. Some people he knows still believe this to be the case. In his book, Keith explains very candidly what actually happened. I now understand that I was wrong about any breakdown.  Keith’s own description of what happened is correct and this makes his story more compelling.

Many people are interested in ghosts, UFOs, telepathy, past lives, art, religion & philosophy. Others see all kinds of conspiracy theories and wonder what is behind these stories.

Are they nonsense?

Could they all be interlinked? 

Could we understand them better?

Can we comprehend life and death and all that is between and beyond them?

For anyone interested in seeking truth, peace of mind and an understanding of the wider world, this book needs to be read. It will take you on a journey, where such questions will change from the stuff of sci-fi to a greater understanding of life itself! 

Yes! It is that profound, provided you are prepared to open your mind and think a bit deeper…

David Strang January 2019

The Spiritual Fruitcake

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