Derek Holt – Special Guest – guitar, guitar, keyboards and vocals –

You wait years for one multi-instrumentalist to come along and then two suddenly appear!

Welcome to The Acoustic Rainbow and delighted to introduce – Derek Holt!

Derek Holt Guitar Live Music
Enjoying Your Work – Live Music at its best

Derek is  a true musical heavyweight – lending his significant experience and input to the band.

Derek Holt – The Climax Blues Band

A founder member of The Climax Blues Band, Derek has enjoyed worldwide success as a musician and songwriter with hits such as “Couldn’t get it right” and “I love you”.

Derek pops up every so often and his playing and vocals feature on the Rainbow’s debut CD, due for release in the Spring 2017.

Derek Holt Music
Derek Holt – Album 

The Acoustic Rainbow are privileged to have our Special Guest Derek on board!