Meet the Band – Keith Forrest Guitar and Vocals

Keith Forrest – guitar and vocals

Singer songwriter lead vocals
    Leading the way on Vocals

Keith has played in various bands for more years than you can shake a stick at, including a lengthy stint with Vish in Backbeat.

His passion is songwriting, with special emphasis on the lyrics.

As a qualified Reiki master healer, his lyrics contain inspirational, uplifting messages to guide the listener towards a happier life.

For him, music and healing are inseparable.

The Power of Music

Music can install amazing positive energy and the lyrics Keith produces are themed to his healing belief – and also great to listen to and enjoy! Better served LIVE!

A lifelong fan of the Beatles, Keith’s all time hero (excluding Nigel) is John Lennon and the Fab Four’s influence can be seen and heard throughout the Rainbow’s songs.

Keith’s ambitions are to write a song as powerful as “Imagine” and to understand at least one of Nigel’s jokes.

Keith has also completed his first book “The Spiritual Fruitcake” – Inspired by my his own life events and describing his personal journey and most importantly his music,

The Spiritual Fruitcake draws on the Acoustic Rainbow lyrics, real life events and life experiences.