Mat Forrest – Drums

Mat Forrest Drums
Mat developing new Drum techniques

Sitting behind what appear to be wooden boxes of varying size on stage is Keith’s youthful looking son, Mat, the Rainbow’s drummer.

He is saving his pocket money up for a proper grown up’s drum kit but at present plays a unique cajon kit which is much quieter and softer sounding than a traditional drum kit, but is still loud enough to drown out Nigel’s voice when he suddenly feels the urge to sing along during gigs.

Mat’s drumming style is tasteful and supportive and the unique organic sound quality of the cajon kit is ideally suited to the band’s acoustic framework.

Mat is really breaking new musical ground by using this kit for the entire set at all our live shows – we are unaware of any other band that does so and this adds to the originality of the Rainbow’s overall sound.

So he is a bit special and is probably justified in his recent request for an increase in his pocket money!