Band Biography

Nigel Evans, Saxophone and Clarinet

live saxophone music
Living and breathing the music

Every band needs a sex symbol!

We are still looking for ours but in the meantime we are very fortunate to have our very own sax symbol- Mr Nigel Evans!

No-one’s quite sure where he came from- some say he was found living in a ditch and busking at the local railway station.

Others claim he originates from the planet Zog and came to earth to save the world with his own unique brand of humour (that’s what he calls it, anyway).

If the latter is true then we really are in deep trouble! Either way there is no doubting his contribution to the music of The Acoustic Rainbow.

Nigel’s playing is always soulful and never over-stated. It adds sparkle to the songs, rather than dominating them, complementing the vocals rather than jockeying for the lead role.

We are truly blessed to have him in our midst and to share with you the joy of sax!