The Spiritual Fruitcake

Do you want to live a life full of happinesspeace of mind and enjoy good health

Of course you do!

I guarantee, yes guarantee, that if you follow at least some of the guidelines contained in this book you will at the very least witness major improvements in these three areas; 

  • happiness, 
  • peace of mind and 
  • good health. 

You may even find that your life will change beyond belief, and I am talking from first-hand experience as the key points described here most certainly changed mine. 

What gives me the right to advise you about how to live your life and how do I know the ideas in this book will work for you? 

Spiritual Fruitcake eBook CoverThis book is a Journey, a road trip to the discovery of happiness, peace of mind and good health. It’s a journey that anyone can take with a first step and for me, the journey began about ten years ago.

Ten years ago, I was a very different person to the one writing this book and never dreaming of writing a book. What would I write? Who for? And, frankly, who would be interested anyway? 

I was leading a very “normal” life, as defined by our society, with a successful steady career ahead of me in local government as an education officer. I had no real beliefs in anything of a spiritual nature and I was certainly not religious. After 30 years of service I was ingrained in the good old 9-to-5.

Today, ten years on, I am now a “hands on” healer helping people in any way I can and advising them on their own personal journey as a part of their overall healing process.

Yes Healing! My journey led me to become a Reiki Master healer and the delightful ability to aid those in need. 

I spend a great deal of time talking to my clients about many of the themes described in this book. Very often a new client will feel better after simply listening for ten minutes to what I tell them, before any physical healing even begins.

That’s how powerful this stuff is! 

For those who may not have been introduced to or experienced the true healing benefits of Reiki, (either personally or through friends, relatives, acquaintances), Reiki is a form of alternative medicine originating in Japan. Reiki practitioners use techniques of hands-on healing with universal energy. The healing serves both physical and emotional well-being. 

I cannot express enough the many, many people who I, or other practitioners, have helped on their own personal journeys to good health, peace and happiness.

My journey began in a dark place but having “retired” from the 9-to-5, I began to truly understand and appreciate the power from within that is available to everybody, not just a chosen few.

With freedom from my previous day-to-day employment, I became invigorated and evolved into a hands-on healer and seeing the results of the healing is simply the best feeling in the world.

I also found time to embrace my lifelong passion for song writing and my musical journey complements the healing. My songs draw on the themes and messages of my healing and personal journey experiences. The ideas and experiences presented here may be challenging to you, some you may struggle to believe, or even appear incredulous, but I assure you they are all my truth. 

They are how I reached this point in my life and how I now see the world very differently indeed and over the last 10 years they haven’t failed me to date. 

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you have to agree with or believe everything, or indeed anything I say. 

I always find it amazing that those who have first-hand experiences become believers and advocates. Yet some people will always doubt – and that is fine too. I can only provide the message and be a channel for the message and the healing. How far each person accesses the individual power within them has to be their own personal journey.

When I’m sharing these ideas in person with clients who visit me for healing, I encourage them to challenge me, to find their own truths, to take on board what feels right for them and to leave the rest aside.

Without exception, they all come back for more so I must be doing something right! 

You won’t find loads of statistics in here, “proving” what I’m saying is correct. 

This is a deliberate omission. 

The internet is awash with statistics, but for every set of figures demonstrating one fact there is another “proving” the opposite. Statistics have become relatively meaningless, thanks largely to their abuse by politicians and others, desperate to convince us of their arguments, so instead I have avoided them. 

I believe in any case that the truth speaks for itself and there is no need to try to prove what you are saying if it has a divine sourceIf you, the reader, are ready to listen then you will hear.

You will also find only a veryfew references here to what might be called “the dark side” of life- “conspiracy” theories, corruption at the highest levels, government and corporate “fake news”, alien interference and so on. That’s not because many of them aren’t true…. whatever you believe! 

It’s because this book is about the light, not the dark. 

There are plenty of books available on those subjects and some are very well researched. The problem is that, the more people focus on the dark, the more they will help to create or prolong negativity in all its forms in the three-dimensional world that we call home. 

What you focus on with your mind you get more of, as you will shortly read about. 

Remember that tried and trusted phrase about the glass being half full.

So, let’s focus on positivity, peace, happiness, abundance and health and all the good things that life has to offer. This all sounds a bit heavy. Well, maybe it is but we’re going to smile and laugh with it too. 

Life is meant to be fun, not deadly serious, as I hope to show you. 

We’re going to look at how to be happy, how to find peace and how to be healthy. Each of these are wholly interconnected and cannot really be separated. It is difficult to be truly happy (but not impossible) if, for example, you are in constant pain from an illness. 

In reality everything and everyone is connected to everyone and everything else as we will discuss later.  Nevertheless, this division is a useful way of summarising the material in a user-friendly way throughout this text.  

The first chapter will set the scene for the whole book. 

You will read about the amazing experiences I went through several years ago which transformed my fairly ordinary life into an extraordinary journey of spiritual discovery that is still unfolding every magical day. 

The subsequent chapters then provide details of the things I’ve learned since then, or been shown to be strictly accurate, which you can use to bring all the positive things you desire into your own life. 

From my journey, I will include my personal insight to: 

  • The Power of the Mind, 
  • Reiki & Healing, 
  • Life’s Purpose, 
  • The Law of Attraction, 
  • Reincarnation, 
  • Religion, God, Angels, 
  • Coincidences, (Tip: No such thing)! 
  • Music & Frequency manipulation, 
  • Politics, Conspiracy Theories and even Global Warming! 

My aim is simply to give you the insight and tools to transform your life into whatever you want it to be. The choice is always yours though. If certain things don’t resonate with you then simply move on and take what does work for you.

If, for example, you find my views on Religion and/or God challenging, that’s fine. You don’t have to agree. As the comedian Dave Allen said, “May your God go with you”.  

At the end of each chapter you will find some practical suggestions for you to put the ideas presented into practice in your own life. 

Are you ready to start YOUR Journey?

The Spiritual Fruitcake